Is hiring a Junk Removal company the best option?

You’ve got lots of junk in your home or on your property that you need disposed of quickly. I’ve heard it so many time from clients that they hired the wrong junk removal company or should I say 2 guys in a beat up pick-up truck, in the past and got what they paid for was headaches. Hiring a real junk removal company has many advantages and can save you time, money and headaches in the long run. Junk removal companies such as JunkGods has a reputation to uphold and really do care about the environment and the way clients are treated – with honesty. They understands how to load properly taking advantage of the space they have in their truck so that you get the maximum dollar value per cubic yard.

But what really makes a junk removal company different then the weekend guy posting ads on facebook, Kijiji or craigslist?

Below are some of the questions you should ask yourself when considering to hire just about anyone.

Q: Are they reputable?

A: Reputation is goes along way in this industry. A good junk removal company will show up on time, quote you an exact price and get the job done quickly and efficiently. To a junk removal company your business is more than some extra money on the weekend, These guys are on a steady payroll and the owners pay over $20,000 a month in various expenses including advertisement. So, you bet they’ll provide an excellent service to you.

Q: Are your unwanted items properly disposed of?

A: A good junk removal company like JunkGods won’t get you in trouble by illegally dumping or ” alley dumping” your discarded waste or trash. They will properly dispose of them by donating or recycling as many items as possible, saving from dumping in the landfills. JunkGods recycle up to 84% of all your unwanted junk they haul away.

Q: Do they only accept cash as a way of payment?

A: That should be a red flag right there. A real junk removal company accepts multiple ways of payment such as credit cards, debit, e-transfer, etc…

If you are in need of a real Junk Removal or Demolition company with the most affordable prices in Ottawa-Gatineau and thrive on giving you the best service, please call us at 1-888-992-JUNK.

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