Tricks to quickly sale your HOME…

North Americans spend $1.2 billion every year on items they don’t need, while 1 in every 11 Canadian households rents storage units for their overflowing number of belongings.

But now that you are ready to sell your home, all your junk stands in the way of a quick sale. When a buyer visit a home, he think in his head “‘If this is the way they live cluttered in this junk, how have they taken care of the home over time? Have they replaced the air filters and have they done proper maintenance and repairs? They doubt the overall quality or condition of the home.

A living space cleared of stuff is how realtors can find a family for your home. Listings a clean and ordered house is easier to take pictures. Pare down before your listing photo shoot—buyers will make their first judgments online by what they see. Also most home buyer look for a clean front and backyard.

The internet has fundamentally changed the way to sell homes. Now, online home search is universal across the globe and 89% of millennials use the web in their home hunt.

The internet is the most important resource. That’s where people are getting their first look at your home. They mainly go by pictures. If they see a home that is not staged, meaning that it’s filled with junk here and there the buyer will reject your home and move on to the next. That means a cluttered mess could not only turn off buyers who come through the home but hinder your or your realtors ability to book showings in the first place. The house needs top notch before the photographer comes over to capture your home or online shoppers will simply say “Next!” to your web listing photos.

When it comes to clearing out your home, the sooner you can start, the better. You need to hire a reliable and honest junk removal company. JunkGods has helped 100’s of clients over the year to make their home a fast sale. You can book a no obligation free estimate through

I’ll sell my stuff….

Selling stuff sounds great in theory to make a buck (or several hundred). What could be better? But the reality it takes energy and effort, whether you’re visiting an online marketplace or hosting a garage sale.

According to Organizing experts, people often expect that selling their stuff is going to result in a hefty financial gain. Chances are, it’s not. People think they can easily sell their use stuff. It takes a lot of work to put items on eBay or Kijiji or Marketplace and to manage those listings. And expect no shows.

Realtors don’t have time to wait after you to sell your stuff online before sending a photographer to take pictures. If you want to sell – get rid of the junk. That’s the bottom line.

Donating your stuff….

Let’s call the local Goodwill or nonprofit-owned second-hand shop. NOT… They no longer pick-up anything at people’s houses. Give them a call and you’ll see.

Dumping your stuff at the curbside…

It is now illegal to put trash at the curb if it is not in garbage containers. You can be fined up to $500 by your city or municipality. And the worst part, you have yo pick it up or else they will fine you another $500 – 24 hours later.

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