Want to Tear Down a wall or two? WAIT before you go out buying a sledgehammer!

Tearing down a wall is a bigger deal than you thought? As you all know excitement is a wonderful emotion but what if that emotion turns into horror soon after you give that sledgehammer its first swing! Fresh DIY design projects can be fun but not its not everyones cup of tea. And, contrary to what may seem obvious to some people, a hammer is not a tool fit for a king or queen.
Think your wall is just a piece of panelling with some wood inside it? Think again.

THIS IS A WARNING, of what to expect if you decide to go that tedious DIY route. The Demolition skill of bringing down wooden walls inside your home is to be left to the pros. But if you still want to adventure yourself, make sure you get a city permit and an expert’s opinion before you start sledging away like a mighty God.

The number one concern you should have before a teardown is: Make sure that it’s a non-structural wall; you don’t want to bring down your house.

Don’t Tear Down a Load-bearing Wall

Before you start demolishing walls, make sure it isn’t a structural support of your house. A simple safety measure is by going down to the basement to see if there are any supports or beams under the wall. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this – call an expert.

Oops Forgot About the Electrical Inside the Wall!

More than likely the wall you want to demolish will have electrical wiring such as plug points routed through it. There may also be networking wires to connect to your internet, phone and cable provider. In that case, your next step in deconstructing your wall should be to carefully… JunkGods Junk Removal and Demolition Services. These guys can get rid of your wall in less time than you could and for a few hundred dollars. And, they will pick up every little speck of dust from the demolition. They’ll haul away that unwanted wall and dispose of it responsibly.

Get With the Times, Who Rents a Roll-off Bin Anymore…

How big is the wall you’re bringing down will determine how big of a bin you’ll need. Why pay too much for an oversize bin when in reality, you only need a smaller one.
More and more people are turning to Junk Removal companies like JunkGods. They are actually cheaper than renting a full-size bin since they charge by how much space you take in their truck. Plus they do all the work at no extra cost.

Me Versus Getting the Professionals to Do It

Professional wall removers will have the job done in a fraction of the time because they do this on a daily basis. Make sure they have somewhere to get rid of the waste. JunkGods Junk Removal and Demolition will demolish and haul it away. Kill two birds with one stone.

Junk Disposal Ottawa-Gatineau

JunkGods does not rent disposal bins – they are the bins. No need to calculate the accurate bin size, JunkGods Junk Removal charges you by volume – meaning, you only pay for the space you take in the truck. So they always have the right size for your home and DIY wall breakdowns (and for all your project needs), at the most affordable rates in the business.

So next time you need to demolish a wall – call the experts. You’ll save headaches in the long run!

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