Ways NOT to Spiral into Anxiety, Eliminate Negativity – Cleaning your Home and get Ready for Spring

re you weighed down, stressed or having a nervous breakdown being stuck at home during COVID?

Buying online with the help of sites like Amazon, Best Buy, Staples to name a few are awesome but not quite the same as getting into your car, walking or taking the bus to the shopping mall or grocery store.

Since so many of us need to stay and work at home during the COVID-19 pandemic; don’t you think it would be a fantastic time to get a little spring cleaning done to relieve some of the stress build up.

Experts say doing a thorough spring-cleaning of your home has several health benefits. For starters, a clean home can strengthen your immune system and help you avoid illnesses. A decluttered house can also reduce stress and depression as well as help avoid injuries. But you must consider that some items might be too heavy to lift and the dauting question of: “How do I get rid of all my unwanted stuff?” They are companies that specializes in decluttering or removing unwanted items (junk) from households and businesses.

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Junk Gods Junk Removal is such a company that specializes in removing junk or unwanted items (large or small) from home around the Gatineau/Ottawa region.

They’ll help you with all your spring cleaning, the right way. After a cold Canadian winter, there’s nothing more southing and comforting than and getting rid of some junk and welcome flowers and sunshine thoughts.

As a professional recycling company, we do our best to bring together the resources required to keep waste from our landfills.

Accepting a wide range of materials, we can help or at least provide some guidance on the best method to get of your spring junk cleaning haul the right way.

Junk Gods saves hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste from the region’s landfills every year by utilizing their recycling and donation strategies.


3 Easy Ways to Clean Up your Home Quickly

The biggest time waster, people make when cleaning and decluttering their home is concentrating room by room. Some people get caught focusing too much on one particular area, spending a day in one room instead of a couple of hours for the whole house.

Step 1: Hire Professionals

Hire a junk removal company to unclutter your home of junk. A junk removal company like Junk Gods will get your items out of the house in way less time in return not injuring yourself in the process.

Step 2: Dust Your House

Dust each and every room and all handrails, as well as picture frames and everything else in between. Remember to look up top. Some people forget to dust on top of furniture, and that’s where all the dust collects.

Step 3: Vacuum and Clean the Floors

First vacuum all the floors throughout the house and wipe them down using hot water and vinegar. Remember to move all items to clean thoroughly.

But you might be asking, how do you do that and keep yourself and everyone else in your family safe.

Here are the procedures that Junk Gods Junk Removal has adopted since the COVID-19 pandemic to keep their employees and customers safe at all times.

  • Junk Gods Junk Removal is considered an essential service and has been approved by the government of Canada to service people’s homes, industrial and commercial properties.
  • Our truck crew will call 15 minutes prior before arriving to your home.
  • We assure that all our staff are healthy at the beginning of every day.
  • Wear brand new masks and disinfect our gloves for every customer we service.
  • We offer a No Contact Junk Removal where all payment transactions are done over the phone or at a safe physical distance.
  • To further minimize contact, if you prefer, you can move your junk outside prior to our arrival, which in this case is called a curbside pick-up and receive a 5% discount.
  • If your junk is inside, we must be able to always maintain a 2-meter distance.
  • After work has been completed, payment can be processed without any contact by calling our main office.

When it comes to donation bin, they no longer take items for the time being. Charities are not picking up donations from those bins. Junk Gods has a partnership with local charities, so set aside your items and they will pick them up at your convenience.

As for large or bulky items like furniture, mattresses or couches, donation center does not pick those up anymore.

Junk Gods will remove the unwanted items, load the truck, and sweep up the area before they leave your home.

Now, I’d like to hear from you.

Have you ever hired a junk removal company to get rid of your junk or renovation debris?

Or maybe you prefer renting a bin.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment right now or send an email to

Happy Spring,

Call us at 1-888-992-JUNK!

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