Who needs a Bin – Anymore!

Got some house renovations to be done and chances are you’re going to be left with excess materials and debris such as drywall, flooring, old appliances, bath tubs etc… Chances are You’ll most likely pickup the phone and call to rent a bin.

Hang up that phone and read this before you do so…

When you’re planning to renovate, you must keep in mind two important things: How much stuff you think you’ll have left over and how you’re going to get rid off it. There’s a couple of ways you can get rid of that junk.

Call a friend with a truck
Renovating the bathroom? Got an old shower stall or bath tub, sink, tiles, cement and other loads of stuff. Calling a friend with a truck sounds like a good solution for this type of load. Doing a dump run with all those items won’t cost too much or will it! First you’ve got to haul all that junk outside the house and throw it in your friends truck. But wait, you’ll get the truck dirty and also you most likely will not enough room in the truck. On second thought – forget the truck.

Rent a truck or trailer
Renting an attachable trailer or a truck might be a goos alternative to cleanup. Installing new floors, getting rid of old furniture, sofas and sectionals may require that increased space and your friends half-tonne pickup most definitely will not do the trick. Taking this route will cost you a disposal fee at the transfer station/landfill, renting the truck (can’t forget certain dollar amount per kilometer, gas as well) as your time and effort and renting the trailer . Keep in mind who will be doing the heavy and repetitive lifting – you. Keep in mind that you need to leave the truck or trailer clean, if not, they’ll charge you a cleaning fee. All of this might cost you over $600. Let’s forget that idea.

Rent a bin
Renting a bin can be more costly than you think. First of all, you do all the hauling and secondly it usually takes a couple of days before they drop it off. Also, depending where you live, a bin might not be an oprion. Besides the bin rental fee – you’ll have to pay an add-on fee for tonnage. All in all this way might set you back over $500.

Hire a junk removal company
Hiring a junk removal company can make your life significantly easier. This is by the far easiest method of junk removal for homeowners and commercial properties. A company like JunkGods will do all the heavy lifting, completely removing the possibility of injuring yourself and/or others. The cost of our service is much cheaper than those other above solutions, especially when you factor in your time and costs at the landfill. On top of that – we recycle and donate.

The choice is obvious – Don’t wait, give us a call today!

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