Hydrofuel Canada invests in Nigerian energy-from-waste start-up

Hydrofuel Canada Inc., which produces green ammonia and hydrogen, has entered into a share purchase agreement with Lumos Laboratories Nigeria Limited.

Lumos has patented technology to produce green hydrogen, ammonia, fertilizer, electricity and other commodities from human and animal wastes. Under the terms of the share purchase agreement, Hydrofuel will provide funding to commercialize the technology.

“We are grateful that we have made this acquisition deal with Hydrofuel Canada as it will offer a wonderful platform to achieve our dream of making clean, affordable, renewable hydrogen-ammonia energy widely available, while reducing the health impacts of untreated waste in our community,” said Lumos CEO, Ejikeme Patrick Nwosu.

Lumos developed its technology to address the serious health concerns of communities without centralized sanitary sewage treatment.  Untreated sewage poses a major risk to human health as it contains waterborne pathogens that can cause serious illness, such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery.

The World Health Organization estimates that nearly three billion people lack access to improved sanitary facilities, with the lowest coverage in sub-Saharan Africa (37%), Southern Asia (38%) and Eastern Asia (45%). Lumos technology would provide decentralized treatment of sewage on a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood basis.

In addition to poor sanitation, third world economies typically face energy poverty to heat, cook and provide basic services. Lumos’ technology addresses these concerns in part with the energy produced from its process.

“Our mission to provide Green Hydrogen from Ammonia with lower costs and life cycle pollution than any other fuel now also addresses sanitary waste issues in third world economies,” said Greg Vezina, Hydrofuel Canada  chairman and  CEO.

Funding for the technology is gained from the sale of green energy and other by-products captured and generated by the process. It is estimated that the value of the energy that can be captured using this process will enable Lumos to pay residents a small incentive fee for using its waste capture technology, further enabling local economic development.

Lumos has secured a consulting contract with the Nigerian Prison Authority to study and pilot its technology. The green hydrogen and ammonia generated will be evaluated and assessed as a fuel for mobility, heat and electrical generation, and as fertilizer.


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