O-I Canada to increase use of recycled glass

O-I Canada Corp. (O-I) is receiving federal funding to modernize its plant and increase its ability to use recycled glass.

O-I manufactures glass containers for the beer, alcoholic beverage, wine and spirits, and food industries. Through the Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) the federal government is granting the company a repayable contribution of $3.5 million.

O-I Canada Corp. is a branch of U.S.-based O-I Glass Inc. It plans to acquire digital production equipment to increase the amount of recycled glass introduced into the production line at its Montréal plant and diversify production. This expansion project will make it possible to divert up to 75,000 tonnes a year of cullet and glass from landfill sites.

“Our facility has produced high-quality, sustainable glass packaging in Quebec since 1905,” said Nicola Porrazzo, senior plant manager for O-I Canada Corp.

“Our partnership with CED will bring transformative innovations to our glassmaking capabilities that will heighten our sustainability ambitions for generations to come.”

Since the start of February CED has announced nearly $40 million in investments in over 20 projects by Quebec businesses and organizations.


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